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Religious Folk Art
by Artist,
Patricia D. Hostetter-Lopez

Retablos date back many centuries throughout Latin America and are primarily used to honor saints thought to remedy various problems of everyday life. Lithography made it possible for people to replicate religious figures on tin for display on their own home altars.

Retablos traditionally are two-dimensional paintings on tin or wood of a saint or about a religious theme. "Retablos" and "exvotos" are sometimes used interchangeably, but retablo most correctly refers to sacred images painted on wood while exvotos are images painted on tin or paper.

My original retablos are designed by meticulously hand painting in acrylic on hand sculpted wood that has been etched and decorated. These original paintings are divinely inspired, take a great deal of time to complete and sell for hundreds of dollars.

The retablos replicas I offer are a full color reduction made from my original painting by making a Giclée in the style of older engraved prints. The print is then adhered to the same wooden sculpted frame used in my original paintings and permanently sealed. This method of reproduction make the saints affordable to just about anyone.

ach of my retablos, whether original or replicas, has a label adhered to the back offering a biographical account of the birth, life and death of the saint or image depicted. Finally, each retablo is hand signed by the artist.


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