Jun 7, 2016   Our Lady Of Guadalupe Prayer Center
Hi Pat, Good morning, Patricia! May 25, 2016  Sincere apologies---my blessed dad is seriously ill, I'm the only giver of care, and I haven't been able to get out to the post office (we live amidst 60 acres of woodland, no rural delivery) since last Thursday. Today will be different, I devoutly hope! If Our Lady's beautiful shrine is there, it's safe, and She'll be in my longing hands today. I'll unpack with great care and be in touch! All warmest good wishes-- Rebecca    - - June 7, 2016 Hi again, Patricia--
I'm pretty clueless about these things, but I wanted to try to attach a couple of photos, so you could see the new home of your gorgeous retablo. It's such an unfolding of blessings. I love opening the doors each morning and greeting La Senora. I feel I've only begun to discover how this shrine will open my heart. Thank you again, so much! Blessings,

Nov-30-2013  "FOOTPRINTS  IN THE SAND" ceramic Memory Box
Hi Pat. (kneewauk38),
I would just like to thank u for sending the prayers u sent with my footprints memory box that was so kind of u this was read at my son's funeral god bless u for your thoughtfulness.
Margery Risnear: Joey40boy

Hot Air Balloon Custom Order - October 8, 2003
A note from Sue A. Albert 
     We, crew for a commercial hot air balloon pilot in Ft. Collins, Colorado and were engaged on a flight during the 2002 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. 
     I was looking on the internet for a special balloon candle for my wedding when I came across Pat's web site. I noticed that Pat could make "custom" balloon candles which gave me the idea to have her make a replica of the balloon.
     I communicated with Pat strictly by e-mail and sent her a few pictures of the balloon she was able to make the balloon candle for me in just a few short weeks and it turned out great!
   We had an outdoor wedding and even though it rained we were still able to light our special candle. The "Custom" balloon candle added a very special touch to our wedding day. Even the balloon pilot, who was the best man, commented about how special it was.
   Our "custom" balloon candle, made by Pat, will be a cherished momento of our special day for many years to come. 
                                  Sue & Ray Albert
                                Wellington, Colorado

Tewa Bell Order -  2/08/2003
Hello Pat,
      Just wanted to let you know that the box came yesterday.  I love my bells. They are really awesome.  Now I just have to find the right spot to hang them.  I also love the apron.  Thanks so much.  I will pass on your email address if I know anyone that is interested in purchasing from you.
     I will think of Albuquerque everytime I look at my items.
Thanks.  Adrienne

Kokopelli Chimes Order -  2/12/2003
Hi Pat.
     Received the Kokopelli chimes in the mail yesterday. They are adorable. The pictures do not do them justice. I hung them right up among all my other kokopelli things.
Thanks for the great service . I will enjoy my kokopelli chimes.
Sincerely,  Cindy Doyle

MISSION BELL ORDER - Testimonial  3/1/2002
Dear Pat,
    I want to thank you again so very much for your very fast assistance. I received the bells today at 10:30 am and I have to tell you they are just beautiful. They were so nice, I almost kept one for myself. Again, "muchos gracias" and I hope to do business with you again in the future.
Sincerely Lauri Vanderka
Long Island, NY

Medium Custom Wedding Vase - Testimonial  2/12/2002
Dear Pat and Frank,
We thank you so very much for your beautiful wedding gift. We look forward to putting your Wedding Vase in a place of honor in our new home in Japan. 
Sincerely Jennifer and Korey Clark
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Large Red Clay Custom Wedding Vase - Testimonial  5/30/2002

Hi Pat,
You don't have to do the vase over for us. This is the one we used so we will keep it. However, if you do decide to try another one and put an Eagle on it, the Eagle should have a white head and white tail feathers. Also you might want to take the antlers off of one of the deer, so one side will be for bride and other for groom. When we passed it around everyone had trouble figuring out which side was which. But we did make it through and the day was beautiful. 
                                                          Thanks for Everything. Renee

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